Katya Komarova exists ethically and sustainably, taking a responsible and
considerate approach to the environment. We produce limited quantities and
manage our stock carefully to ensure we are not contributing to waste.
Katya Komarova handbags use natural materials and are stitch-free, enabling
every piece of leather to be reused, if needed. We are dedicated to creating
the best possible sustainable way of production and care about the life cycle
of our products.
Through our love and respect for this planet, we have pledged to promote
sustainability. We are committed to the journey towards creating beautiful
fashion but not at the cost of the earth.
With an inherent love for natural materials, all Katya Komarova bags and
accessories are made of vegetable-tanned leather. The process of vegetable
tanning leather prepares the material in the most natural way using
ingredients such as bark mills, woods, roots, leaves and fruits. Our leather is
sourced from a local Adelaide supplier, who sources it from Italy.
Katya Komarova uses cotton straps to produce bag straps and cotton belts.
Katya Komarova mindfully manufactures in Adelaide South Australia, where
Katya is now located. We work with local suppliers who laser-cut pieces to be
assembled by hand in our Adelaide Hills studio.