Katya Komarova

From a model to a designer

Katya started her career in fashion over 20 years ago and worked with amazing brands and creatives all around the world. During one of her contracts she, almost accidentally, learned how to work with leather. She then continued her studies in Bag Making & Design in Florence, before moving to Australia.


Stitch-free bags concept

Katya Komarova has become synonymous with their distinctive minimalist stitch-free design. By utilising innovative techniques, the label creates clean and seamless silhouettes that emphasise the natural beauty of the materials. This design approach not only enhances the aesthetics of the bags but also allows you to unfold bags for easy traveling.

Sustainability at the core

Katya Komarova prides itself on its commitment to sustainability. The brand recognises the environmental impact of the fashion industry and aims to minimise its footprint by incorporating eco-conscious practices into every aspect of their production process, as well as promoting the circular economy approach with its Second Chance initiative.

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Interchangeable straps & handles

A true testament to the brand's versatility, Katya Komarova's bags feature interchangeable straps and handles. This unique concept allows you to customise your bag, adapting it to different occasions or personal preferences. By encouraging creativity and personalisation, Katya Komarova promotes longevity and reduces the need for multiple bags, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable consumption pattern.

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From home office to own production and flagship store

As Katya Komarova grew, they relocated all the production to Australia. The brand works with sustainable materials such as vegetable-tanned Italian leather and 100% wool felt.

Over the past few years the brand has partnered with Australian clothing brands and retailers such as Morrison, Banded Together, Showroom X and more.

In 2023 Katya Komarova opened their first store.

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