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Whimn Australia: These Chic Bags Are Combining Your Love Of Fashion And The Planet

Katya Komarova is a model turned designer who’s putting the planet first. 

Katya Komarova isn’t a name you’d forget easily, and courtesy of a breathtaking bag collection, it just became even more memorable. Sadly, we're used to fashion coming at a cost. It's no longer just a dollar figure, but the cost of cutting environmental corners to the detriment of our planet. Women are getting tired of choosing between their moral commitment to the environment and their love of fashion. Katya Komarova know's the struggle all too well and has created her own accessories label as an antidote.

Sustainable brand

Katya’s bags are far from something you’d pluck from a shelf at your run-of-the-mill department store. It’s the uniqueness of her designs that really set them apart. The collection is inspired by the complexity of the modern woman, with each bag designed to compliment their a variety of lifestyles.

“Simple minimalist lines, functionality and versatility of the bags means they can be adjusted to any occasion. For example, our Baguette Bag can be worn as a shoulder bag, as a cross-body bag or even as a belt bag. And all of this can be done by simply adjusting the length of a strap.” It's one bag, a million different ways.

leather bags

Go no further than the website to see the versatility in action. Yes, you’re online shopping but you feel so involved in the design process, it’s a highly personalised experience. For each design, you can choose every last detail from the colour of both the bag and strap and even the material of the handle. Go wild with a woven handle or keep it playful with fur, you’re only limited by your imagination. By the end, you’ve created a bag that feels true to your own style and something you'd be proud to wear.

Explaining the personalisation process, Katya says; “I believe, when a consumer puts their heart to the item by making it their very own, they are more likely to wear the item as it will have more meaning to them.”

And, by showing people how easy it is to change the look of one bag, it encourages them not to just buy another to fill that void. “By providing highly customised bags with interchangeable straps and handles, I promote to my customers the idea of having one bag that can be easily styled differently with various straps and handles to match different outfits, instead of buying more bags” Katya explains. It’s difficult to argue with that logic.

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