CLIQUE MAG. Behind the hair: PARLOUR HAIR’S Jason Fassbender featuring the Katya Komarova Corset Katya Komarova

CLIQUE MAG. Behind the hair: PARLOUR HAIR’S Jason Fassbender featuring the Katya Komarova Corset

Adelaide is definitely not short of talented creatives and the latest to be recognised for his work is Parlour Hair Unley’s creative director – and CLIQUE Mag favourite – Jason Fassbender, who was chosen as a finalist for Australian Hairdresser of the Year by the Hair Expo Australia. Apart from amazing haircuts, Jason is also an incredible stylist and creative director, doing all the above roles for his stunning hair collection, Ingénue. We take this chance to chat to him about winter hair trends and some industry tips about keeping our hair healthy.

What is everyone asking for in terms of cut/colour right now?

The past few seasons have see a tonne of it Girls and models having the chop which is finally filtering down to commercial clients. It’s great to see women experimenting with their hair again and not being afraid to lose a bit of length and inviting some texture back into their lives. There’s no denying balayage is here to stay but it’s nice to move forward and progress the technique. We’re incorporating a lot of baby lights to give the hair an all over shimmer as opposed to strong contrast between tones. Think healthy, sexy, French girl hair and you’re on the right track!

Is there a trend or style you would like to see make a comeback?

ORIGINALITY! The appointment of Alessandro Michele at GUCCI has sparked a massive resurgence in individuality. The runway presentations no longer see an army of clones storming the runway but in their place, a group of self expressing women not afraid to march to the beat of their own drum. The gamut of different hair, make up and styling looks presented each season is mind bending and there is definitely no lack of inspiration among the group. Personal favourites are Payton, classic pageboy cut and the 70’s inspired long layered shapes.

What hair trend are you happy to see the end of?

100%, no questions asked, hair extensions. I’m a firm believer in enhancing what you have naturally and there’s no reason why, in the right hands, you can’t have an absolutely beautiful crowning glory without the upkeep and discomfort of fake hair. I’m all for a clip in or a hair piece for an occasion but on the daily, leave the weave at home.

What are the difficulties that hair faces when winter hits and can you give us some tips to prevent or fix it?

Climate control is the biggest detriment to hair condition over the cooler months. Heating can dry the hair and skin immensely and the best remedy is a great home haircare routine. Have an intense professional strength treatment whenever you visit the salon and ask your stylist to recommend the best way to maintain your moisture levels at home. Any great haircare range will have a take home accompaniment to your in salon service, my weapon of choice? Anything Kérastase.

What is your hair product or styling tool of the moment?

L’Oreal Smart Bond. Optimum shine, manageability and strength are just three of the reasons this is a absolute must for any one using hair colour.

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Hair: Jason Fassbender / Photography: Andrew O’Toole / Make Up: Kylie O’Toole / Styling: Jason Fassbender & Karen Bava