While on quarantine. New reality & New {photoshoot} trends. Katya Komarova

While on quarantine. New reality & New {photoshoot} trends.

It's been two weeks since I closed our showroom in Surry Hills in Sydney and relocated to our family house in the Adelaide Hills.
I am still on self-isolation, but I'm already back at work and trying to embrace and shape in a positive way my new reality.
I decided to turn our small loft room into my office and this is what it looks like now.
home office interior
What does my work day look like now? It's pretty much 9 to 5 as usual, but there are many more new activities as I am currently focussing on a lot of new online projects. By the way, if you are using this quiet time to finally start your dream project and if it happens to be a 'launch of a fashion label', I have something for you. I have put together a digital package of templates and documents I found/created through my career to help me communicate my designs with manufacturers and pitch my range to press and buyers.
launch a fashion label templates
To access the folder please contact me HERE. In subject mention - I want access to the folder :)
I am feeling very grounded these days. Lots of cooking and looking after the house bring on my women's energy and being surrounded by big gum trees with koalas definitely are helping too.
One of the new experiences I had the other day was a photoshoot through the mobile video call camera. This was very unusual and I love the result. Thanks to Yulia of Not.Just.Photographer for asking me to be her model. 
katya komarova
katya komarova
That's it for now. I will be coming here more with what Katya Komarova brand is up to and how I personally handle the COVID-19 period.
Stay healthy!
Your K.K.