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Which Katya Komarova Bag Are You?

We thought we’d have a little fun and share with you the personalities we imagine each of our Katya Komarova Handbags, and the women who wear them, would have. Maybe your personality perfectly matches one or two of the bags, or you are a mixture of each. A lot of the time, our mood on a certain day can influence our outfit and indeed our handbag choice. Keep reading to discover each bag’s personality and let us know which bag or bags you most relate to and would wear. Handbags for sale Australia wide and globally if one takes your fancy.

Bucket Bag

handbags for sale australia
Bucket Bag in Black with Nude Leather Handle

Our Bucket Bag is the very picture of grace reflected in its beautiful shape and bow drawstring. We imagine the women who carry her to be positive, warm-hearted and intuitive in the way that they approach life. As featured with Katya, our Bucket Bag can be styled quite feminine with the nude leather handle and can also be worn with our cotton straps for a woman on the go. Our words of wisdom for you are to “give yourself a little grace”, make some time to pamper yourself with self-care today, maybe for you that means a long bath, reading your favourite book or calling a friend for a chat.

Mini Mono Purse

handbags for sale australia

Mini Mono Purse in Brown with Wide Off-White Cotton Strap

Our Mini Mono Purse is a pocket-rocket, featured here with our new Major Chain Handle having an absolute moment at the beach with Katya! She’s extremely artistic, bubbly and passionate about what lights up her life. We imagine her as someone who likes to travel light and be agile, ready to go wherever the wind takes her. She’s full of ideas and is constantly writing them in her phone, hence why it’s never in her bag. Nothing stands in the way of her pursuit of her dreams. “Creative minds inspire others”, please keep spreading your passion and joy. 

Mono Purse

handbags for sale australia

Mono Purse in Black with Wide Off-White Cotton Strap

Our Mono Purse is the big sister of our Mini Mono Purse and she’s developed into a creative, elegant and kind woman. But don’t be fooled, she’s also got an edgy side. Our Mono Purse can be styled with our classic cotton straps or amp up the volume with our Leather Handles or Major Chain Handle. We imagine our Mono Purse wearers sipping wine while discussing literature with friends at a gorgeous winery. “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside” and we know this is true for you bunch.

On-Duty Bag

handbags for sale australia

On-Duty Bag in Brown

The On-Duty Bag brings the class, intellectual side and loyalty to the group. As a staple for many women, the On-Duty Bag is perfect for a woman with a career, business and/or family life she’s proud of but also knows how to let her hair down on the weekends, while remaining classy of course. We imagine our On-Duty Bag wearers as lovers of expressing their classy and intellectual side through slow fashion and accessories. “There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family”, friends of our On-Duty Bag wearers know.

Oversized Shoulder Bag

handbags for sale australia

Oversized Shoulder Bag in Tan with White Leather Handle

We can’t imagine our Oversized Shoulder Bag as anything but ambitious, powerful and generous. We see empowered women carrying their Bag and themselves with pride as they navigate their way through life. The Oversized Shoulder Bag is perfect for everything from work life to quick weekend getaways. She’s ultra wise and intelligent, yet gentle and extremely friendly at the same time. We know she would relate to “for it is in giving that we receive”, just remember to fill up your own cup before filling up everyone else’s, you deserve a little me time.

Phone Bag

handbags for sale australia

Phone Bag in Brown with White Leather Handle

Catch her while you can, our Phone Bag is cheeky, charming, glamorous and romantic! With a zest for life and a love for all things beautiful, she’s always got great intentions and loves to give people compliments and light up everyone’s day by putting a smile on their face. Our Phone Bag wearers like to travel light, plus a bit extra, you know, just to make sure they have what they need for unexpected adventures. What we can learn from her: “enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things.”

Shoulder Bag

handbags for sale australia

Shoulder Bag in Tan with Mini Mono Purse in Tan with Wooden Handle

Our newest love, our Shoulder Bag, is caring, confident and sassy. She knows what she wants, but she always goes about it in a way where everyone wins. The great thing about her, like all of our bags, is she can be paired with other bags and handles depending on your mood and what’s on the agenda for the day. “Being positive isn’t pretending that everything is good - it’s seeing the good in everything”, a beautiful way to look at life.


Which bag do you most relate to and which would you wear? Let us know in the comments :)