self-care rituals

Self-Care Interview with Katya Komarova

We spoke to Katya, the Designer & Owner of Katya Komarova, about her self-care rituals, mindfulness techniques and favourite products that she has discovered that help her feel energised for the day but also relaxed at night to make the most out of life.

What do your mornings look like, and do you have a morning beauty routine?

I try not to jump out of bed straight away. I lay down on my acupressure mat and listen to a meditation, then I do yoga. Before my first glass of water with a drop of vinegar I brush my teeth, then I always massage myself with a dry brush, have a shower and put on some cream. I love the 'fully moisturised' feeling. 

self-care rituals

Vitaustralia Emu Oil Cream and Aesop Toothpaste

Do you follow any mindfulness practices?

I also continue my mindfulness practices at night, I go to bed with an hour long meditation in my ears. I find it a really relaxing way to end the day.

How do you ensure you're eating well to have enough energy for the day?

I try to never skip breakfast, or at least have a banana and some nuts which are quite filling. Dinner is usually my biggest meal of the day, and I love cooking at home. 

What's your favourite type of coffee or tea?

I mostly drink long blacks and I love black tea with a slice of lemon, which must be because of my Russian roots.

self-care rituals

Do you exercise and do you follow a particular weekly routine?

Apart from morning yoga, which I try to never skip, I do occasional walks and workouts. My dog Candy is too lazy for walks, but sometimes she gets inspired too. 

Do you separate work-time and free-time? Or do these things overlap for you?

When running your own business, you never switch off at 5pm. Although I stop for a bit to cook dinner and have a chat with my husband. I still go back to my emails and social media after; naughty. I try to take breaks on weekends though.

How do you recharge and find new inspiration?

Having monthly getaways with my husband are amazing to clear my mind and get recharged for another big month ahead.

self-care rituals

Katya and Candy

What's your favourite book or movie, or what are you reading at the moment?

I love reading business books... yep, sounds boring :) My favourite movie is Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman. We had all the songs from the movie at our wedding.

Do you have a night time routine that helps you unwind and sleep well?

I love having a hot shower before bed. Once a week I use my favourite Kangaroo Island made Eucalyptus scented scrub and I usually put some lavender oil in a candle lamp to make my bedroom a relaxing environment.

self-care rituals

OrganiQ Eucalyptus Body Scrub and Thursday Plantation Lavender Oil

Do you have any other self-care rituals that you've found effective?

Having enough water throughout the day is essential, and before getting ready for bed I like having a cup of herbal tea. This calms down my entire body and helps me slow down. Not using your mobile phone before bed helps a lot too. I try to do a good job with that but I can't say I'm 100% proud of my mobile phone usage. 

Getting that work/life balance and prioritising having peace in your head and heart is crucial. All of these tools (meditation, showering and books) help me to slow down and feel grounded. Life is very fast and sometimes we skip some very precious little moments, simply because we are buzzing and too busy to stop and enjoy the 'now'.

We hope you find some inspiration for your self-care! Share your favourite rituals and products in the comments below, we’d love to know.