One Handbag Challenge Katya Komarova

One Handbag Challenge

For the past 10 weeks, I’ve been travelling through Europe and I while was there, I completed the #OneHandbagChallenge.
While packing for the trip, I decided it was an opportunity to practice wardrobe minimalism. So, I packed lightly and managed to fit all of my clothes and shoes into one carry on sized-suitcase. I then decided I would only take one handbag. Yep, ONE! It is believed a woman needs quite a few bags but I recently noticed that most days I would always come back to the same one. I know using only one handbag for a long period of time is doable, so I wanted to go through this journey.
I challenged myself to see how versatile I could make my Bucket Bag by packing a few different handle options – I wanted to show the many ways this bag can be worn: as a crossbody, handbag or a belt bag. To do this, I took with me the newcomer Leather Handle, Ring Handle and my all time favourite Black Cotton Strap.
I really liked having both the Nude Leather Handle and the Black Cotton Strap on my Black Bucket Bag at the same time. I personally think it’s a nice colour combo and it allows you to carry the bag in hand or put it on shoulder when needed.

bucket bag

Black Cotton Strap x Black Bucket Bag

Nude Leather Handle x Black Bucket Bag

bucket bag

Black Cotton Strap x Black Bucket Bag

bucket bag

Ring Handle x Black Bucket Bag

hermes scarf

Hermes scarf

Black Bucket Bag

Yours truly,
Katya K.

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