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How To Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

A responsible fashion future is important to us at Katya Komarova. In this week’s blog post, we’re sharing ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable and ethical including why it’s important, how it’s possible and investing in our affordable high-quality leather bags.

leather bags

Why Should You Shop Sustainably?

The first step in making your wardrobe sustainable is to understand why it’s important. Sustainable fashion is when clothing and accessories are designed, manufactured, produced, stored and marketed in an environmentally friendly way. The focus is also on causing little to no harm to the environment and creating as little waste as possible. Ethical fashion, which usually goes hand in hand with sustainable fashion, focuses on social impacts including issues for garment workers such as wages, rights, working conditions, health and safety, and child labour.

Embrace Slow Fashion

Slow fashion embraces more mindful consumption of clothing and accessories and buying ethically created quality items over quantity. The goal is to purchase items that will form part of your capsule wardrobe and are durable so they can be worn for many years. Slow fashion puts a focus on the art of creating clothing and accessories and celebrates the skills of the creators.

Support Sustainable and Ethical Brands

Ethics and sustainability are very important to us at Katya Komarova. We source natural vegetable-tanned leather to create our handbags which are stitch-free enabling every piece of leather to be re-used if necessary. We produce limited quantities that are assembled by hand in our studio. We also create leather bags that are versatile and can be worn many ways and styled with many different handles to ensure their style-ability and longevity in your wardrobe. 

leather bags


If you’ve been reading our blogs or have followed us on social media for a while, you might remember Katya’s #OneHandbagChallenge. Katya travelled Europe for 10 weeks with only one handbag, our Bucket Bag, where she challenged herself to see how versatile the bag could be with a few different handle options. She managed to take the bag from day to night with the Leather Handle, Ring Handle and Black Cotton Strap so she could wear the bag as a crossbody, handbag or a belt bag. You can view the different looks for inspiration in our blog post here.

Investment Handbags

While it’s lovely to have a large selection of handbags, if you’re looking for a new investment handbag that is produced sustainable and ethically but is still affordable, we’ve got you covered. Here are our recommendations depending on your lifestyle.

Versatile for Day and Night

If you’re looking for a handbag that is versatile for both day and night, our Bucket Bag is perfect. Simply pair it with a cotton strap during the day so you can wear it on your shoulder or one of our ring, woven or bamboo handles for night and wear it on your arm. 

leather bags

leather bags

Work Bags

Want to level up your workwear? A leather bag is the perfect accessory. We recommend our Mini Tote Bag and our On-Duty Bag for a chic and sophisticated look. You can also attach one of our smaller bags on the handle that you can detach during the day when you need to make quick errands during lunch. Also, if you travel for work, the bags are both constructed out of one piece of leather with press stud closures at the side. These can easily be undone to pack flat in a suitcase - you’re welcome. 

leather bags

leather bags

Everyday Bag

Looking for an everyday bag for work and the weekend? Look no further than our best-selling Mono Purse. It’s a favourite that can be worn as a handbag, cross-body, belt bag or clutch and can be mixed and matched with different colour cotton straps and handles depending on your outfit.

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Micro Bags

Our micro bags are perfect for those that just want to carry their essentials. Our Phone Bag fits a small wallet or card holder, lipstick, small mirror keys, hand cream and of course your phone. Our Mini Mono Purse fits all of your essentials minus your phone, for those that always have their phone in their hand anyway. These bags are great on their own or you can pair them with your favourite larger bag.

leather bags

leather bags

Play with Your Wardrobe Items & Accessories

The best way to make the most out of the items that you already own is to take the time to go through your wardrobe and have fun mixing and matching your clothing and accessories to create new looks. This ensures that you will always have something to wear (even when you’re in a rush) and you could even put together looks that you’ve never thought of before because you’ve given yourself the time and space to get creative.

Another important point to note is taking care of your items, that way they will last longer and look better. If your Katya Komarova bag needs a little TLC, remember that we offer our Bag Spa service which is currently available to Australian based customers.

Instagram Accounts To Follow

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable and ethical fashion, we recommend checking out a few Instagram accounts that we follow.