Fashion Archives Handbag Inspiration Katya Komarova

Fashion Archives Handbag Inspiration

Fashion Archives give us so much inspiration, from different ways to wear handbags to styling options. We pulled some of our favourite looks from the past 10 years that incorporated bags and thought we would show you how to create these for yourself with our Katya Komarova handbags. We’ve featured small bags, oversized bags and everything in between. 

Bucket Bags

small bags

L-R Celine Fall 2016, Valentino Fall 2019, Dior Resort 2016 and Loewe Spring 2020. Image Source: Vogue Runway

Bucket Bags have been a staple among designer collections in recent years. Celine featured the bag as a belt bag in 2016, and if you follow our blog posts and Instagram accounts, you’ll know that we love the versatility of our bags and particularly the ability our cotton straps give to make our bags hands-free. Valentino, Dior and Loewe have also featured bucket bags with variations in sizing and colours. We’re all about details and chains are definitely our thing. Stay tuned for a new addition to our selection of bag handles launching soon!

Get The Look with our Bucket Bag, available in Black, Brown and Tan with a variety of straps and handles

small bags

Bucket Bag

Mini and Phone Bags

small bags

L-R Celine Fall 2015, Valentino Spring 2017, Valentino Pre-Fall 2019, Jacquemus Fall 2017. Image Source: Vogue Runway

Mini bags and phone bags have definitely migrated from being just a trend to becoming a fashion staple. Phone sized bags were featured at Celine and Valentino with mini bags featured at Valentino and Jacquemus. We all know mini bags and phone bags are cute, however they aren’t always functional if you need to carry items that don’t fit. To make choosing a bag that’s suitable for you, your lifestyle and your size requirements easy, we’ve introduced Instagram highlights that show you exactly what fits in each size of our bags, you’re welcome! If you’d like to see what fits in our Mini Mono Purse and Phone Bag, check out our Instagram. Another way we combat the space issue is by making all of our bags pairable. You may notice that our bags feature rings which can be opened to not only change straps and handles, but also to wear bags together as you often see styled on our Instagram. This ensures that you always have enough space for all of your belongings and if you only need a small bag, for example for lunchtime at work, you can simply detach it from your larger bag - viola!


Get The Look with our Mini Mono Purse and Phone Bag

small bags

Mini Purse

small bags

Phone Bag

Baguette Bags

small bags

Saint Laurent Spring 2020, Valentino Fall 2016, Valentino Spring 2018, Burberry Fall 2010. Image Source: Vogue Runway

The baguette bag is a classic style and has been featured on runways for many years as seen at Saint Laurent, Valentino and Burberry. We love how easy it is to wear a baguette bag either on your shoulder or cross body and more recently hands-free with adjustable straps like we regularly feature on our Mono Purse. Our Mono Purse is a classic style which can be worn casual and dressed up like the inspiration images above and is great for both daywear and nights out as it’s the perfect size to fit all of your essentials, but is still small enough to look elegant when paired with a dress and heels. You can have fun styling our Mono Purse with different coloured straps and handles to match your outfits and mood.

Get The Look with our Mono Purse

small bags 

Baguette Bag

Oversized Bags

small bags

Valentino Spring 2019, Loewe Fall 2019, Lanvin Fall 2019, Chanel Fall 2017. Image Source: Vogue Runway

Oversized bags definitely make a statement, like these inspiration images from Valentino, Loewe, Lanvin and Chanel. The great thing about Oversized bags is not only do they look stylish, they’re also extremely functional when it comes to work, weekends away and family commitments. One of our latest introductions, our Oversized Shoulder Bag, is a dream come true for lovers of big bags. It is large enough to fit your essentials, laptop and anything else you’d need during the day like lunch for work, and doubles as an overnight or weekend bag for your getaways. Another great thing about our Oversized Shoulder Bag is you can wear it cross-body with our adjustable Cotton Strap so you don’t tire your arms.

Get The Look with our Oversized Shoulder Bag

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Shoulder Bags

small bags

Valentino Fall 2018, Valentino Fall 2019, Versace Spring 2020, Fendi Fall 2017. Image Source: Vogue Runway

You can’t go wrong with a shoulder or tote bag. We love the sophistication they add to these inspiration outfits from Valentino, Versace and Fendi - instant class! Our latest addition to the Katya Komarova family is our Shoulder Bag, an excellent option for errands, shopping and days out and also large enough to amp up your work outfit and still be functional. We also want to note that all of our bags are classic and are therefore also a great option for men, if you know someone who is looking for a bag for work or the weekend - forward them this blog post!

Get The Look with our Shoulder Bag

small bags

We hope you’ve enjoyed our trip down memory lane. Are you inspired to style your handbags differently? Share your favourite ways to wear and style your handbags by tagging us on Instagram at @katyakomarovaofficial, we’d love to see!