LOVE TWAIN about the Katya Komarova Corset Katya Komarova

LOVE TWAIN about the Katya Komarova Corset

During a time of mass consumption and mass production, designers are beginning to find their niche with a more sustainable approach to design. In doing so they are attracting a loyal following of women who want to be part of something bigger than their desire to wear the latest trend. They want to be part of an artist’s journey and to wear their pieces proudly knowing that they were crafted locally and ethically. And while there will always exist a longing to invest in pieces worn by the likes of Bella Hadid during her coffee run and subsequently re-grammed thousands of times, it has become equally desirable to wear pieces crafted by an emerging name. The kind of pieces the cool kids are wearing, before they are on everyone else’s lips.
When it comes to SA fashion, that name is Katya Komarova. The model turned designer is helping lead a trend towards more ethical accessories without compromising on that distinct street style edge we all desire. Ahead of the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival we asked Katya to go behind the scenes and showcase the process of creating her best selling, leather corset. Hand-made, naturally.