Cocktail Revolution: Sustainable Bags by Katya Komarova Katya Komarova

Cocktail Revolution: Sustainable Bags by Katya Komarova

Building on the success of their new logo launch and the line of handcrafted luxurious wool felt handbags, a non-leather alternative to the brand’s popular vegetable-tanned leather designs, Katya Komarova is introducing a fresh new collection. Always in tune with all things trends, sustainability, wearability and versatility, the brand’s founder and designer Katya is embracing statement style and championing taking fashion risks.

“Katya Komarova’s new collection will feature bright colours. I’m going very brave this year, exploring colour palettes that are bold and a celebration of life and beauty. I am inspired by current trends, by women who express themselves through daring fashion. As I explore my own sense of style more, I am excited by colour in both my clothing and accessories” explains Katya.

Katya Komarova’s signature handbags, small leather goods and accessories are minimal, of the highest quality, and can be purchased with additional straps and handles to enable you to create different looks with one bag every day. The brand exists ethically and sustainably, taking a responsible and considerate approach to the environment. All products are produced in Australia in limited quantities and stock is managed carefully to ensure minimal waste. Katya Komarova is committed to the journey towards creating beautiful fashion for all, without a cost to the earth.