Caity says about how to perfectly style a corset. Katya Komarova

Caity says about how to perfectly style a corset.

The corset trend has been one that scared me a little - I was confused as to why people were wearing them and how the heck you can even get away with it! So what do you do when something scares you? Face it head on! So today, I've tried, tested and debunked the corset trend for you (and myself).

One of the ways that I've seen streetstyle stars and Instagram 'It Girls' rocking the corset trend is with a band tee. This look is super rock chick and definitely not for the faint hearted. I started with an oversized, had distressed rock tee from LOVETWAIN, paired it with my favourite pair of wide leg pants and topped it all off with a sexy black corset from Katya Komarova.

With an oversized tee, you can also go with a pair of leather leggings or jeans with some thigh high boots. And if you have the confidence (and legs) of streetstyle babe Elle Ferguson, simply abandon the jeans and go an oversized tee, thigh high boots and a corset.. talk about sex on legs!

Corset look number 2 is a bit more of an understated stylish look, and to be honest, one I would more likely wear out to an event or a night out with the girls. With this look, I've gone for an oversized white shirt, my trusty black wide leg pants and a nude corset from Katya Komarova. I actually really loved wearing this outfit because the corset really took it to another level and made my shape a little bit more interesting.

Things I learnt while testing out the corset trend..

The corset isn't as scary as it looks! It honestly felt more like wearing a wide belt, and I think that when you approach it like that, it becomes much more approachable. 

Even through you might feel more comfortable (or think you'll be more comfortable) in a larger size, go for the size smaller! This lets you create some really cool shapes with your outfit, and if you're like me and love to wear oversized tops, its a great way to switch things up!

After trying this trend out, I would definitely wear again. And I've only styled it here with tops and pants, but if you google "corset streetstyle" you will see some INSANE outfits to experiment with. One of my favourites to see is actually paired with dresses. 

Have you tried the corset trend before? How did you style it? I'd love to hear all about your fashion adventures!


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