Spice Up Your Workwear With Katya Komarova Bags Katya Komarova

Spice Up Your Workwear With Katya Komarova Bags

Every woman should feel incredible and ready to take on the world when she goes to work. We love empowering you with quality, durable, beautiful, functional, and sustainable work bags. We’ve curated a selection of Katya Komarova bags that suit every occasion and need, whether you freelance or have your own business and need your laptop for meetings, or work in an office and want to bring your lunch, coffee keep cup and makeup supplies for drinks after work. 

Bucket Bag

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Bucket Bag in Brown with Wide Black Cotton Strap
Inspo image: Annemiek Kessels

Our Bucket Bag is very versatile when it comes to styling workwear looks. If you have a more relaxed style, maybe you work in a creative industry or are a freelancer, the Bucket Bag can be worn casually, for example crossbody with our Cotton Strap, with fitted jeans and a crisp white shirt with sneakers while you’re running errands. And for meetings or important work events when you dress up and switch from jeans to trousers or a skirt, you can switch the Cotton Strap to one of our Handles, like our Ring Handle, for a more polished look. As with all of our handbags, the Bucket Bag comes in 3 colours, black, brown and tan, so you can match it with your workwear capsule wardrobe and the rest of your wardrobe to make the most of the bag on the weekends too. The Bucket Bag is a very functional work bag as it fits your essentials plus a diary and pen, coffee keep cup or water bottle, and phone charger. 

Shoulder Bag

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Shoulder Bag in Black with Black Cotton Strap

Inspo Image: Petra

The Shoulder Bag is the newest member of the Katya Komarova family and is already proving to be a hit! We designed this bag with workwear specifically in mind. The Shoulder Bag’s sleek design makes it very elegant and the space it provides is very functional for your everyday work bag. If you’re the type of person who goes to the gym straight from work, this bag will be your best friend as it fits all of your daily essentials, plus your iPad and workout gear so you won’t have to worry about forgetting your gym bag ever again. We love pairing the Shoulder Bag with a sleek suit or blazer to match the aesthetic of the bag. However, it’s also suitable for more casual looks, with the option to mix and match different handle types and colours. If you’re wearing an all black look like our inspiration, and want to inject some colour and fun into your workwear, add an extra colourful handle to the bag to stand out.

On-Duty Bag

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On-Duty Bag in Black with Black Cotton Strap

Inspo Image: Annemiek Kessels

Our On-Duty Bag is one of our classic work bags, with it’s satchel shape and ability to fit all your daily essentials plus a small laptop or tablet computer, book or diary, coffee keep cup, lunch and headphones. If you prefer to have the ability to close your work bag while you’re at work or on the go, this is a great option for you. The chic style of this bag lends itself to a tailored look, we can’t go past pairing it with a pantsuit kept fresh with a belt and crew neck tee. It’s a great way to look both sophisticated but also keep your own personality in your workwear. A clever way to style up this bag is to couple it with one of our Mini Mono Purses for added space and style. That way you have the option of leaving your larger bag at work if you’re heading straight to dinner and drinks with colleagues or friends.

Oversized Shoulder Bag

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Oversized Shoulder Bag in Tan with Wide Off-White Cotton Strap

Inspo Image: Annemiek Kessels

Our Oversized Shoulder Bag is for a woman on a mission. We picture this bag on the arm of a busy boss woman who needs all of her essentials plus her laptop, reusable water bottle, cosmetics bag, diary, chargers, lunch and snacks with the ability to take her from her workday to a weekend getaway at the end of a successful week. We love beautiful silk shirts and golden tones, like the one in our inspiration, which works perfectly with our tan bag. It’s a great way to incorporate more colour and lightness to your workwear for the warmer months or to change it up from all black in the cooler months. The beauty of our Oversized Shoulder Bag is that you have ample space for all of your belongings that relate to your work, may that be a laptop, books, files or product samples. You’ll be the envy of your clients and everyone at the office!

We’d love to see how you style your Katya Komarova bag with your workwear. Share your favourite look with us by tagging us on Instagram at @katyakomarovaofficial.