Furry Accessories To Try Katya Komarova

Furry Accessories To Try

There’s no denying that fur is one of the biggest trends of the moment; we’re seeing it everywhere from runways to street style. And amongst the most popular ways to embrace it is with a fur handbag or slides.
Street Style
Fur designs are incredibly versatile. The best thing about fur garments and accessories is that they become the statement piece to any outfit and they can be worn with just about anything – any colour and any style of clothing.
Furry Slides
When designing our latest styles, we made sure to include a few fur items to stay on trend and offer something luxurious for our customers. The Lilu Flip-Flops are the perfect statement slides. Worn best with jeans, shorts or a dress, the versatile design can be worn in both the warmer and cooler months. They’re made with a shearling fur strap, leather insole and rubber sole.
We’ve also introduced a Fur Handle for our signature Bucket Bag, creating something completely different and unique to our other handle options. The shearling Fur Handle is a softer alternative that can be either held, or worn comfortably in the crook of the arm.
Written by Esther  Reynolds-Verco.