Exhibition `Enchanted Wood` Katya Komarova

Exhibition `Enchanted Wood`

There is genius within me forever seeking expression, my god-self realising itself through me.
What would you like to say? What message am I here to bring?
My heart beats for you and because of you automatically and until that time comes when it ceases to be in this form
and having achieved the intended mission. What would it be all for to die in this lifetime and not create as our creator intended.

                                                                                   by Tatiana B.

My friend Eugenia Zeiser is having an exhibition in New Zealand and I am just loving it. So much inspiration from nature's shapes, textures and colours. 

A collection inspired by mother nature and human interaction. The symbolic meaning of trees, their beauty, their wisdom, their enduring strength and adaptability. The secrets they hold the stories they tell and the reflection of their endurance and transformation.

If you are in New Zealand, this is so much worth seeing. 

Exchange Christchurch - XCHC
376 Wilsons Road - 8011- New Zealand