Behind The Scenes Of Our Latest Range. Katya Komarova

Behind The Scenes Of Our Latest Range.

Today we are dropping some new styles. For this range, I’ve taken the best of previous collections and given them a fresh touch. The range also features a few pieces that will be carried-over to my next one, which will be showcased at the Adelaide Fashion Festival. Read on to find out a little bit more about how this collection came about.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

 I am always inspired by women. Recently, I have been asking women what colour bag they would choose to wear every day – as, ultimately, it's my goal to have my customers wear my bags everyday. I narrowed the options down to a few natural colours, from black to light tan. 

Katya Komarova campaign shoot

 I’m also inspired by emotional events. This year I lost my beloved grandmother. She was an extraordinary woman who was smart through her career as a chemical scientist, and she was super-smart in her wardrobe preferences. She would always have a little pop of colour to her neutral toned clothing. I think there is a lot of her in my new collection.

Bucket Bag

 Can you explain the design process?

 Most of my designs come out of a vision from one piece of leather – I would first fold it, roll it and gather it to see what that particular piece of leather has to offer. 

 Then there was a process of innovation around trying to make not a corset but a whole bag out of one piece of leather. It came naturally and since I have now replaced rivets with press-studs, the bag can easily be undone and packed flat in a suitcase – just one of its many features.


 What's your favourite piece from the collection?

 I am completely in love with the new corsets with interchangeable belts. I think it's such a versatile accessory to have. You can wear it with leather and/or cotton belts. And you can choose these from our range of belts, or you can use ones you already have, as this corset was created with standard sized belt loops.

leather belt

 I also love the ring handle. Having this extra option to change your everyday bucket bag to an evening bag means you’re literally getting two bags in one.

Katya K.


Katya Komarova campaign. Behind the scenes

Team behind:

Photographer - Meaghan Coles

Assistant and BTS Photographer - Esther Reynolds-Verco